About Us

Amrlab is an internet and technology company, working to develop innovative products and services to improve the quality of life.

Amralab guiding principle is to apply technology for good. Our communication and social services connect people worldwide, helping them stay in touch with colleagues, friends, and family, access, pay for everyday needs, and even get entertained.

Amralab also publishes games and other high-quality digital content, inspiring interactive entertainment experiences for people around the globe.

Amralab also offers a series of services such as Software Development, Apps Development,  Digital Marketing, and other enterprise services to support client’s digital transformation and business grow-up.

Vision & Mission

Value for users; Innovation for better

User value is our guiding principle, we make every effort to integrate social responsibility into our products and services; promote technological innovation and cultural power; Help industries digitally upgrade; Let’s work together for the sustainable progress of society.



Maintain principles, ethics, sincerity and fairness.


Pursue positive contributions, help for responsibility and push for breakthrough.


Be complete and collaborative, and strive to progress and evolve.


Push for advance innovations; discover the possibilities of the future.

Let’s talk!

We’d love to hear what you’re working on. Drop us a note here and we’ll get back to you shortly.