Connecting Ecosystems

From connecting community, services, and devices, to connecting enterprises and future technologies, development win-win ecosystems for everyone

Amralab Marketing Solution

As the leading big data marketing platform in Bangladesh, Amarlab Marketing Solutions provides integrated digital marketing solutions based on deep business insights, marketing technology, and professional services across the full range of Amarlab applications.

Amralab Marketing Solutions is committed to providing a wide range of efficient marketing solutions and creating a strong connection between brands and users through effective marketing. Besides developing innovative ad formats, Amralab Marketing Solutions offers a range of digital tools including user insights, creative management, placement strategies, digital asset management, and more. These tools, backed by Amarlab’s expertise in cloud computing, AI, LBS, mobile payments, mini-programs, membership cards, promotional coupons, and other innovations, provide comprehensive solutions for online-to-offline integrated marketing solutions including branding, sales conversion, and more.

Smart Industries

Amralab is dedicated to being a “Digital Assistant”. Through state-of-the-art Internet infrastructure and technologies including Cloud, AI, Big Data Analytics, Security, Payment, Mini Program, LBS, and others, we can help various industries upgrade to digital and create smart business solutions. We help customers identify new business models and profit growth drivers and build a new, intelligent ecosystem that efficiently connects customers and enterprises. This process has been applied in many industries including finance, retail, tourism, healthcare, transportation, and education.

Smart Retail

Amralab provides smart retail partners with one-stop solutions and services for retail, such as consulting, planning, pilot operation and deployment.

Smart Healthcare

By leveraging our technological capabilities, Amralab Smart Healthcare aims to promote innovation in technology, applications and collaboration models in the healthcare sector.

Smart Transportation

Amralab is advancing the development of smart transportation through the application of expertise in combining traditional transportation with the Internet through artificial intelligence, HD maps, simulation platforms, social networks, mobile payments, network security and other means.

Smart Education

Connectivity, content and social responsibility are the starting points for Amralab education. Our connection with many users, using our leading technology and rich digital content.

Tools for Smart Industries

JuktoShop is a full-featured social eCommerce and marketing platform. It allows you to create a powerful, beautiful-looking eCommerce store in Facebook Messenger, Instagram DM and web browsers.

JuktoOffice Business Management System. You can manage your business, projects and your talent in a single system, resulting in empowered teams, satisfied clients, and increased profitability.

An operating system for small and medium shops. Help to manage sales digitally and can be connected to almost any type of hardware.

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